Fisher Adjustable Standup Paddle


A great mid-market paddle that has been used in everything from casual paddles, volunteer work in Wounded Warrior paddle clinics, distance touring to charity race events. Best of all it can take a beating keep on ticking… err paddling – whatever. Upper shaft pulls completely out for ease of rinsing, draining and drying. Upper shaft also filled with a foam insert so – it floats too! NOT ALL PADDLES FLOAT! Features numbered adjustment marks so you can remember your setting – particularly when shared with other paddlers.



  • Full 100% Rust-proof, Corrosion-Resistant Anodized Aluminum shaft in black finish – same mil-spec grade used in sailboat booms and masts!
  • Rugged Polycarbonate (think football helmet material) 8.5″ width blade set at a 9 degree angle
  • Adjusts from 66″ to 83″ in 1″ increments
  • Ergonomic “T” handle makes the paddle comfortable and easy to use.
  • Floats
  • Length: Up to 83″
  • Blade: 8.5″
  • Weight: 2lb. 6oz.


How do I know the right size for my paddle?
That’s mostly down to how comfortable you are while standing on the board and using it! The adjustable paddles have a guide based on height that’s a good starting point.  Depending on how you feel on your board, you can adjust from there.
I’ve never done this before, what’s the right way to hold the paddle?
Great question! The logo faces to the Front of the board!
That carbon paddle looks cool…what’s the benefit of the carbon paddle?
The carbon paddle is lighter and more maneuverable, but gives you stronger strokes because when it flexes though the stroke it stores then releases stored energy through the back half of the stroke giving you more power. Plus it’s just darn cool to show up with one – makes you look like a pro! If you are looking to step up your SUP performance, this is the paddle for you!