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Fisher Boards Is Your Gateway To Adventure

Just the word spins up our imagination, creativity, excitement. Wildly. It has driven us since we were kids – in fact it is what keeps us young in mind, spirit and boundless drive. From our earliest memories we would drool over the pictures in the surfing and more recently paddleboarding and travel magazines of places far away, beautiful, remote, some dangerous – all exciting. We knew we would go –and we were obsessed in having the absolute best equipment that would make the experience all that more amazing with indelible memories that we would talk story about over our lifetime whether it was halfway down the neighborhood or half the world away.

It is what drives us every day we wake up and go to work in this fantastic lifestyle that is also our job. But it’s far more than a job. It is a passion to create great equipment that we can use on these adventures, with the knowledge and confidence of time-tested experience of over 40 years – and then have the joy to share it with you in excitement that you’ll get to share the experience of what we live. Whether it’s exploring the local waters in a way you never had the chance to before, or pulling up alongside a spot on your next road trip and having the freedom to get out on the water in minutes and explore, or the excitement of that next vacation destination, taking the inflatable Fisher paddleboards with you and having the freedom to do what many others have to just sit back and watch, with envy. So where is your next adventure?

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