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INFLATABLE 11′ Blowfish Series

Sunshine Yellow

Screamin' Green

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  • Navy SEAL technology
  • Bult to extreme Military Grade specification
  • High count, drop stitched, double wall PVC
  • Kevlar reinforced side walls
Our boards are simply the most stable boards built without having the massive widths and volumes you see on our competitors. The combination of high-quality materials and construction produces an unbelievably rigid 4.125” thick inflatable board without the raft-like thickness of our competitors, which can range from 6”- 8”. Those thicker inflatables create instability, increase drag, and are harder to paddle which is why you won’t find hardboards any thicker than 4.5″. Our inflatable will support riders up to 310 lbs. without sag and provide the same performance as our hardboards. Superior Stability is the foundation of your experience.
The proprietary placement of the 3 fin design keeps the board from straying off the center line and can sustain a straighter path over longer distances. Equipped with an FCS SUP Touring 9.0 snap-in center fin and (2) side-bite directional stabilizer fins we create the Precision Control that we are famous for.
The optimized thickness, volumetric mass, and fin placement result in Effortless Glide which produces faster paddles with fewer strokes. The efficiency of this design will allow you to paddle farther faster.
Board with built-in accessory mount, tactical 3-wheel backpack filled with 3-piece anodized aluminum floating paddle, dual action pump w/ pressure gauge, FCS SUP Touring 9.0 snap-in center fin, waterproof cell phone, and key case, repair kit, and one year warranty covering all manufacturing defects.


Our inflatable paddle boards are designed to be great “all around” boards for any skill level. The combination of high-quality materials and construction produces a stability, control, and glide not found in our competitors. Here’s the FAQ’s on our inflatables:


Why choose an inflatable Paddle Board?
The ease of storage and transport literally opens up the potential for adventure all over the world! No truck…no board rack…no problem! It deflates and stores in the trunk of a Camry. Perfect for RV’s and boats. It can also be checked with your other baggage on your next airline trip!
Is it going to feel like I’m paddling a giant raft?
No! When fully inflated, they look, feel, and perform like hardboards. People can’t believe they are inflatable! They have the same stability, control, and glide of our hard paddle boards.
How come they only come in one size?
We’ve tested these boards ourselves in all kinds of conditions and with all kinds of variables, and the current 11’ 0” model (and its related specs) simply performs the best every time!
Are they durable?
Yes! With our rugged design never again worry about dents, dings or cracks.
What happens if my board is defective?
We back our product 100%. We understand that out of every thousand boards manufactured a few will not be perfect. Every new purchase comes with a one year warranty that covers all manufacturing defects. We provide and assist customers in all aspects of their experience, including buying, maintaining, trouble shooting, upgrading and more.


Length 11′
Width 32″
Thickness 4.7″
Weight 29 lbs.
Capacity 310 lbs. 
Materials 1100 Denier drop-stitched double wall PVC, military grade construction
Sidewalls 4″ Kevlar reinforced WELDED seam
Fins FCS SUP Touring 9.0 snap-in center fin and 2 side-bite directional fins
Handle 3- Pullout, carry, and grab
Deck rigging 4 point bungee with stainless steel D-rings
Warranty One year covering all manufacturing defects
Universal Accessory Mount GoPro®, fishing pole, cup holder, navigation, etc.
Package Includes  Board with built-in Universal accessory mount, Dual-action pump w/ pressure gauge, tactical 3-wheel backpack, 3-piece anodized aluminum floating paddle, Waterproof cell phone and key case, FCS Pro Touring snap-in center fin, and repair kit.

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