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The Journey

Fisher Boards –why we do it…Founded in 2006 in Encinitas, CA by watermen who are insanely passionate, the Fisher Boards brand is an original board sports lifestyle company. Our industry roots reach all the way back to the early days…to the excitement of when we were just kids…to the creation of one of the most iconic logos in the surfing industry still today by the founder some 40 years ago when he was just 12. 

Summer 1966 – Endless Summer hits the theaters across the U.S. and for surfers the surfing world would never be the same. Geoff Fisher takes off on his first wave and the mastery of carving his own skim boards for the last several years seeds his curiosity to surfboard shaping –“if you can call it that” says Fisher, “because those first boards were really “cut downs” (stripping an old longboard of its glass and reshaping and re-glassing the blank) and the start was a bit awkward because the first cut down was with a borrowed board!” After several years of garage built boards…he moved forward in the early seventies to gradual apprenticeship tasks given to him at the old Bob White surfboard factory (now Wave Riding Vehicles) on Norfolk Avenue in Virginia Beach, VA. That allowed him to move on to the retail sector with 17th Street Surf Shop, which remains one of the most successful surf shop chains today.

Some 40 years later…Geoff and the rest of our team are still infected with a fever pitch for pushing ourselves and our boundaries! We design, develop and distribute high quality surfboards, stand up paddleboards, skateboards and technical accessories to the global outdoor community. We are a company of youth spirit and drive, in mind, body and soul. Our ethos and slogan is “Live in Water”.. Youth…forever young, inherent in our creative vision, art, music and culture, it runs in our blood. Our passion is fueled by youth culture, the driving force of our imagination; creative spirit, innovation and product designs that excite and perform.


Serving Those Who Serve

Serial entrepreneur & Founder Geoff Fisher grew up the grandson of a highly decorated four-star general, and is the son of a career military officer and now retired Lieutenant Colonel. Born in a military hospital and growing up on bases he got to purchase his first surfboard, affordably, with money saved from his paper route… from a Military Exchange –an experience he never forgot. Today we have grown to become the supplier to the $20B Global Military Exchange System. Our military-grade products and programs build the incredibly strong brand loyalty we are known for…from our involvement in that exchange system to our passion in supporting the Morale, Welfare & Recreation, Wounded Warrior, and Navy SEAL Foundation programs. We are proud to be part of the military community…to serve those who protect our freedom.

Design – A Lifelong Pursuit for Getting it Right

We’ve been in the board building business for 40 years – we know what we are doing! But had it not been for our close connection to the Military we would not be at the forefront in design and performance today with our paddleboards. When the call came to work with battle-injured service men & women it became an obsession for Fisher to optimize stability, glide and directional control in equipment that would work well for them. Mission accomplished. What we did not know at the time was that obsession to get it right for them would catapult us to the forefront with a design fundamental that works well for all of us.

When we set out to accomplish the same level of achievement with the launch of our inflatable paddle boards, the stars aligned again and our Navy SEAL friend came to our aid to help us model the build and durability after their Combat Rubber Raiding Craft (think Zodiac)..

Passion for Performance

Our gear is rider designed and tested the world over. The feedback is always the same. Our paddle boards are simply the most stable ones on the water, and we don’t have to rely on the massive widths and volumes you will see on other boards that are touted as “stable”. Our proprietary 2-1 fin set up and placement keep the boards from straying off center line. This effect is known as “yaw” and by minimizing it, our boards allow riders to sustain a straighter path over longer distances. Our optimized thickness (foil) and bottom curve (rocker) create maximized glide, which produces faster paddles with fewer strokes.

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