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FREE SHIPPING To Continental U.S. For All Orders $75 and Over



Hardboards: $125 Ceiling rack: $30 All other products: FREE SHIPPING (in contiguous US only)

The Team here at Fisher Boards want your online experience to be hassle-free, simple, successful. Bottom Line – you’re not just a customer – you’re about to become the newest member of the Fisher Boards family – something that is at the core of our passion and values. As avid e-commerce consumers, yea we buy a ton of stuff online too! – we know how important it is in getting it right before the sale, after the sale and for years to come. So we have created the following shipping policy to give you a better idea of how your Fisher equipment will ship, how long it will take, how much it will cost and what to do when it arrives.

So check out the info below and don’t hesitate to hit us up with any questions by contacting us at:

Here are details on our shipping methods. Please note we do not ship orders on Saturdays or Sundays – we are out paddling!

Domestic Orders (USA)

Note: We only ship our Hard Board (fiberglass) stand up paddle boards in the Continental United States. We simply cannot ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico because they are too large for Parcel Services like FedEx and UPS and airline cargo as well. Hard Boards are also too big to ship to APO/FPO addresses which can only go US Postal Service. If you are in these areas and really gotta have a Fisher Hard Board contact us – chances are our paddle boards are over there and we can direct you on how to get your hands on one locally.

Hard Board Stand Up Paddle Boards – Because of their sheer size we have to ship hard board SUPs by a specialty freight company – yea these are the big 18 wheelers you see on the freeways and it varies who we use based on where you live. We only charge you $125 per board for these freight shipments, which is less than it actually costs us. Time in transit is typically 7-10 days’ coast to coast from San Diego – less if you are closer. We do not offer expedited shipping on stand up paddle boards – the cost is brutal. Boards typically ship within 1-2 business days of your purchase. We over pack your board with layers and layers of tissue, foam, bubble wrap, internal cardboard reinforcements at the nose, tail and rails and the outside of the box even has corner board reinforcements. – We want your new baby to arrive safely – this is a significant investment!

IMPORTANT – Board Delivery Instructions – Because delivery on stand up paddle boards (SUPs) via a freight company is a little different than your regular UPS truck pulling up to you house, here’s what you need to know:

Expect a call before shipment – The freight company will contact you via the phone number on your order to schedule a convenient delivery time – yes you are going need to sign for it. If this is problematic, you can often times pick it up at the shipping companies local dispatch warehouse with an ID. Just make sure you have a way to safely get it home – again they are big!

Inspect upon delivery – The drivers ARE NOT required to stick around while you inspect the board, but THEY ARE obligated to come back within 24 hours and pick-up a board at no cost if the board was damaged during delivery. If the driver is willing to stick around (this is at their discretion, and depending on how busy they are), pull the board out of the box and inspect it right upon delivery, especially if the box is badly damaged. Even if the driver won’t wait around, you are still covered for damaged boards, so don’t fret it. We only choose freight companies with exceptional track records, but occasionally items of this nature can get damaged during shipment. We are one of the few companies in the industry that packs our shipments the way we described above, so risk of damage is minimal. If your SUP board is damaged, you have 2 options:

Option 1: Accept delivery and we’ll compensate you – If you feel the damage is something you can live with or repair, please accept the delivery, keep the board boxes and bubble wrap packaging and contact us. We will try to determine a refund to compensate you fairly for the damage. Our aim is to make you 100% satisfied, but if we can’t reach agreement that makes sense we will retrieve the board and just send you a replacement.

Option 2: Refuse shipment – If you don’t feel compensation will do the trick, either refuse shipment (write “refused due to damage” on the shipping receipt) on the spot and notify us, or let us know within 24 hours of delivery and we’ll arrange for the damaged board to be picked up. We’ll get a replacement board out right away, but understand it will take another 7-10 days in transit just like the 1st shipment.

Damage rarely happens to our boards, but understand that in the event it does, we are here to take care of you. At extra expense, we double box our boards to minimize the risk of damage, but it still is a possibility. Our policy is to be open and honest with you and not make you jump thru a bunch of hoops to get a satisfactory remedy. All that we ask from you is that you also understand that sometimes these things happen, and all parties have to be reasonable. We’ll get the situation rectified.

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards – All inflatable paddle boards, also known as iSUPs ship FREE within the contiguous US.

FREE Shipping – All domestic orders over $50 qualify for free shipping within the continental US, except for orders that include hard boards which have to ship separately via freight. Inflatable paddle boards ship free.

All Other Products – For orders under $50, shipping pricing is based on our real costs which factor in weight and distance from San Diego, CA. Shipments go via UPS Ground or USPS Priority, depending on the destination and weight. Time in transit is typically 1-5 business days. Items typically ship within 1-2 business days of purchase.

Overseas Orders including Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico and any APO/FPO addresses

Inflatable Paddle Boards / iSUPs – Our inflatable paddle boards will ship to you via USPS Priority International mail. You can add accessory items to your order and the shipping costs just increase with weight and avoid the additional charges associated with extra boxes. A shipping quote is created online during check-out PRIOR to prompting you for your credit card. Rates are based on weight and destination. Time in transit is typically 6-10 business days, although this can vary quite a bit. iSUPs typically ship within 1-2 business days of purchase.

International Shipping

International customers call (760) 274-6551 for shipping quote.

Alaska, Hawaii, and International Customers Please Contact Us For Purchasing And Shipping Options Dismiss

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