Stability | Fisher Boards


· Stability

Our boards are simply the most stable boards built without having the massive widths and volumes you see on our competitors. An achievement that was an outgrowth of our obsession is designing boards that would work well for the Wounded Warrior Battalion on Camp Pendleton, CA. Whether you are taking your first paddle, adding your kid, dog, friend or gear to the load, or going out for your next yoga session, our boards have stability like no other.

· Glide

The optimized thickness, volumetric mass, and fin placement result in Effortless Glide which produces faster paddles with fewer strokes. The efficiency of this design will allow you to paddle farther faster.

· Directional Control

The proprietary placement of the 3 fin design keeps the board from straying off the center line. The rider can sustain a straighter path over longer distances creating the Precision Control that we are famous for.

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