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We just wanted to let you know that we absolutely LOVE our Fisher iSUP Blowfish Paddle Boards! Since we are a weekend road warrior family, we love having our boards with us when we take spontaneous road trips. We love how the boards are easily stored in their backpacks and come with everything they need. They are so easy and fun to have with us anytime we travel! Matt even took his board on a work trip to Hawaii where he got some AMAZING sunrise photos from his board! Breathtaking!

We are so impressed with the quality of our boards, but our absolute favorite thing about our boards is how stable we are on them. The day we got our boards, we inflated them, carried them to the water, and hopped on like we had been paddle boarding for years. I couldn’t believe how easy they were to get on, stand up, and paddle around. Even our kids had no problem standing on the board and paddling around! We are so happy with our boards! Thank you, Fisher Boards, for such AWESOME paddle boards!

The Ganey's

Outdoors Family

My wife and I have been riding this board for a few weeks now and we love it! This iSUP rides as good as any SUP we’ve been on, and seems to track well in calm water. It inflates in a few minutes yet packs up small enough to fit in our Smart Car “trunk”. The kevlar sidewalls make it a little more difficult to roll up but this is also what makes it extremely rigid to ride.

The only downsides we’ve found are: 1) I wish the removable fin was more user-friendly, it takes 3 steps to put it on or take it off 2) The backpack works but it hangs way down making it difficult to walk.

We have not attempted to ride this iSUP in waves but we’ve heard it handles fine for slow rollers.

Overall this iSUP is the best one we’ve seen in person and we’re happy with it. I would recommend it to anyone looking to get onto the water that doesn’t want to deal with the weight, size or fragility (is that a word?) of a standard fiberglass board

Jason and Nikki Wynn

Gone with the Wynn’s

My husband and I took our Inflatable SUP Fisher Boards today…..3km off the coast of our house here in Greece…..to a small rock island (inhabited only by birds and sealife)…..great adventure for us and our Fisher Boards were AWESOME!!
Valerie M.

July 2015

Thank you so much for taking the time to call and write me about the 12’ Titan.  I am a HUGE fan of your boards and I cannot wait to get out on the water with my new paddle board! My husband is stationed in PAX River and I was kicking myself for not buying the board when we lived in Coronado.  I can’t thank y’all enough for your help in locating a board for me here on the East Coast.

I had been trying to get your board out here in the Patuxent, MD Navy Exchange and no one offered any help.  When I called the North Island Navy Exchange in California they said we lived too far away.  I was thrilled to hear your boards were in Virginia Beach.  I called the Oceana Exchange and we are headed down there this Sunday to pick up the board!! The 7 hour round trip will be well worth it.  I can’t wait to show off your 12’ Titan here in Maryland!

Thank you again!! 

Amy Kehrt

Navy Wife/PAX River, MD

I am the owner of a bikini Company here in Newport Beach. We pay close attention to design details and aesthetics in everything we do which is one reason I was attracted to your paddleboard company.

Thank you again!! 

Polly Saunders

Newport Beach, CA

Kate saw that a fellow full time RVer, the Snowmads, were using Fisher boards and loved them. After looking into their options we decided that they made sense from a quality and price perspective.


Roger Williams and Kate Grass

Lake Julien SUP on Fisher Blowfish Inflatable Testimonial

BEST PURCHASE I HAVE MADE IN A WHILE Bar none one of the best SUP’s I have ever placed my feet on! The boards look sharp, handle like a dream, and are perfect for the SUP’er that is going to hit a plethora of water conditions. For the product you receive you can’t beat the price. Shipping was awesome, came right to the door, wrapped to withstand an explosion (disclaimer: not claiming it will actually survive an explosion). I honestly have no complaints, and am already looking into another Fisher Board for my wife.

Follow-up message received via Facebook: Thank you very much for the speedy reply. Funny story, literally 10 minutes after sending you the question, the shipping company contacted me to set up a delivery. I am beyond stoked! First opportunity I have, I will take a picture and send it to you. As one of the few SUP’ers in New England, I am proud to represent Fisher Boards!  

Also, thank you for the gratitude for my service. I served 10 years active duty military, and now I have a career as a firefighter/paramedic. Any service member, firefighter, police officer, etc will tell you, no thanks necessary. We love doing our jobs!  Again thank you for your prompt service, and I can’t wait to get on the water! 



Jason Powers

Best Purchase I Have Made In A While

My husband and I met with Jamie Silver this past weekend to demo your boards.  We fell in love with them! Jamie sang the company’s praises and spoke of what wonderful people you are.    

I work at The Martin Agency, we are the advertising agency for such brands as GEICO, Discover Card, Oreo, Hanes and many others.  We have about 400 employees here and are great lovers of the James River, a few blocks from our office.  I feel like I could introduce your boards to co-workers for certain.  

My husband and I are also active in many other outdoor activities and have strong relationships with some of the local outdoor sports companies.  We would love the opportunity to convince them to carry your products so they are more easily available to Richmond, VA locals.

We also look forward to heading to Virginia Beach to pick up our new Fisher paddleboards and equipment this weekend and get out on the water! Thank you – 

Nita McInteer

Business Affairs Supervisor, The Martin Agency

We love our Fisher Inflatable paddleboard that we purchased from the Navy Exchange here in Oahu. The board is really sturdy and is so stable I can take both my kids on it without any safety issues or instability.
Thais Portella


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